Scenarios-Discussing “Issues” (I’m laughing so hard on the inside.)

Glitch:They say I’m bipolar Lemont. They say I’m sick with it. 

Lemont: First of all that’s stupid but let’s stick with that if you want to stick with that. 

G:It’s cause’ I like to rap

L:Cause’ you like to rap?

G:Yea like that. Like how I was just rhyming off of your ending words.

In fact, I’m using my own ending words too.

Should I break it down more for you?

Raps I’ve got will have people hooked for weeks.

Losing sleep.

Weak to the knees?


Anyways I can stop at anytime randomly…With the rap talk.

Or maybe I should go back to normal talking patterns. 

But I don’t care.

Cause I’m fucking up heads this year.